I remember when the Distant Worlds concert came to Singapore and I went to see it and GAWD I WANTED TO CRY. And when they were singing Onw Winged Angel, NOBUO UEMATSU JOINED IN AND SANG TOO.

!!! YOU WENT?! YUSSSS! I love those concerts x.x I just..the moment To Zanarkand started playing I turned into a water fall. Then my dad slowly pushed some kleenex towards me ^^;

I love the sing-a-long’s so much! Isn’t he amazing!?

I’m going to my third one this December for the 25 year celebration :D Definitely cosplaying as Yuna again >.<

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  1. aenwyn said: I saw it once and only once and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to because everything was too beautiful but they didn’t play To Zanarkand when they came! One Winged Angel was the encore. Cried LOL. I wish it would come back tho D:
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